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Dr. Fritz Faulhaber 1948 – 2017

 Dr. Fritz Faulhaber leaves a legacy this community will not soon forget.
There are so many ways to describe Dr. Faulhaber, loving father, devoted husband, engineer, inventor, tinkerer, philanthropist, friend; the list goes on.  But anyone who has stepped into the Fab Lab will remember him as a dreamer and a believer of the amazing things that could come from opening a facility the likes of which Sarasota had never dreamed of.  We are so grateful to Dr. Faulhaber for having the vision and the persistence to give this community a place where people of all ages could learn, create, network, experiment, and make their dreams a reality.  From simple projects, like a 10-year old wanting to make make a custom wall hanging using a CNC router, to local entrepreneurs accessing the lab for prototyping and production of their products. We look forward to honoring Dr. Faulhaber by continuing to teach, create and inspire all who come to The Fab Lab.  Fritz, our friend, you will be missed.





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