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Outreach Programs

Suncoast Science Center offers exclusive, standards-based outreach programs for grades K – 12th. Please view our Outreach Programs below and contact us to receive more details and to book a visit. These hands-on science activities and demonstrations are designed to fit your needs for events of various sizes, age ranges or occasions.

Assembly Programs

last approximately 45 minutes and are specifically designed to bring science to life in a fun atmosphere.
• Electricity Unplugged (2nd – 12th)
• Fact of the Matter (2nd – 12th)
• Vibration Station (3rd – 7th)
• Young Isaac Newton (1st – 6th)

Small Group Programs

are approximately 45 minutes long and are perfect to for exploring STEM topics right in your classroom.
• Dynamic DNA* (6th – 8th)
• Ooey Gooey Gloop (K – 3rd)
• Organs on Parade (5th – 12th)
• Planetary Shuffle (PK – 3rd)
• Power Up* (4th – 12th)
• Rockin’ Geology* (4th – 8th)
• Six Plant Parts (K – 3rd)
• Sky Time* (4th – 8th)

STEM Challenge Programs

are specifically designed to get students to think differently and take STEM learning beyond traditional education.
• Robotics Challenge (4th – 8th) (1 hour)
• What’s In Your Water? (5th – 8th) ( 2 one-hour sessions)

Festival Fun

is perfect for private events such as family festivals, school STEM events, farmer’s markets and other celebrations.
• Gloop- Mix up a polymer to take home!
• Van de Graaff Generator – Explore the wonders of static electricity during this “hair-raising” experience.
• Crazy Chemicals – Guess, then test the pH of various items you use every day. The results may surprise you!
• Magnificent Magnifications – Play “guess that item” as you delve into the world of the microscopic.
• Germs! – Learn about germs and how they enter your system, then see how skillful you are at keeping them away.

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