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Lifetime Membership Award

Diego Morales 2022 Lifetime Membership Award recipient

Diego Morales (affectionately known as Fuego Diego by his friends and fellow Fab Lab volunteers) was announced as our 2022 Lifetime Membership award recipient earlier this month. This annual award is presented to volunteers who have made a tremendous, lasting impact on our organization. Over the last three years, Diego has gone above and beyond the call of volunteer duty through his participation on the RC Car Committee, SPEC, SCIP, BUILD and more. We are incredibly proud of the growth he has achieved during his time at the lab and will miss him so much as he begins his first year at Purdue University.

Thank you for everything, Diego! We look forward to seeing what you achieve next, and remember, we’re all cheering you on. Go light up the world with that Fuego!

“For the past three years, the Fab Lab has provided me a space where I can be myself and also grow as a person, a large part of which is done through the various programs hosted there. I found my voice and a way to use it as a benefit to others, something which has left behind a positive mark on myself and how I hope to impact the future communities I encounter throughout my life.” – Diego Morales

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