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The Suncoast Science Center was founded with the mission to inspire and support tomorrow’s innovators through experiential learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.


With decades of world-class experience, our founders have created and implemented the L.E.A.R.N. philosophy that continues to impact creative learning in schools, and provide community opportunities for hands-on exploration. Through this philosophy, we celebrate science, create lasting friendships and bring dreams to life.

Library. We believe in hands-on education in the classroom. That’s why our Our Science Lending Library provides quality, hands-on science kits and equipment  for free to local teachers.

Explore. We believe in the human potential. That’s why the Suncoast Science Center aims to activate creative minds and encourage exploration through continued science education and cutting-edge technology in our Fab Lab.

Arts. We believe an art education can foster creativity and innovation. That’s why we encourage the integration of art in STEM education.

Research. We believe anyone can become an innovator. That’s why the Suncoast Science Center is proud to offer research opportunities for all ages.

Network. We believe in community. That’s why the Suncoast Science Center has strengthened a network of students, educators, parents, makers, business professionals, artists, and more to create an inclusive and supportive community of passionate people. Our community is focused on fostering collaboration and mentorship.

Suncoast Science Center
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