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12/6/2022: Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab Lab launching FIRST LEGO League robotics program

12/1/2022: LEGO Robotics Classes Launching at Fab Lab

11/22/2022: Fab Lab focuses on dessert with laser designs

11/14/2022: Laser Engrave a Pumpkin Pie at the Fab Lab

11/12/2022: Fab Lab skill training

11/3/2022: $40,000 Donation to Certify Future Innovators

11/2/2022: Anonymous $40,000 Donation to Certify Future Innovators at Fab Lab

9/22/2022: The Best Halloween Events in Sarasota-Manatee

9/21/2022: Laser Engrave a Pumpkin at the Fab Lab

9/14/2022: Fun Science Classes Back at the Fab Lab in Sarasota

8/6/2022: COMMUNITY BRIEFS: Day 4 Hope; Dreamers & Doers; Girls Inc.; food & wine fest; Fab Lab

8/2/2022: Tennessee-based Foundation Invests in Fab Lab Student Leaders IN Sarasota

7/30/2022: Tennessee Foundation invests in Fab Lab

7/21/2022: Murder mystery summer camp stretches creative muscles

7/19/2022: High school students band together at Crowley Museum and Nature Center to support wildlife

7/18/2022: Suncoast students band together to help wildlife through innovation

7/10/2022: Innovation is coming to Crowley Museum and Nature Center!

6/30/2022: Outstanding Youth Leadership in Our Community: Diego M.

6/16/2022: Outstanding Youth Leadership in Our Community: Natalie C.

4/15/2022: Pine View School’s Garden Is Teaching Kids the Importance of Sustainability

4/12/2022: 160 Students Race in Remote Control Car Competition in Sarasota

4/2/2022: Science takes flight at radio-controlled car races

4/2/2022: Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab Lab 7th Annual Remote Control (RC) Races

3/24/2022: Faulhaber Fab Lab racers prepare for RC Car open

3/3/2022: Registration open for summer camps at Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab Lab

2/4/2022: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Chocolates at the Faulhaber Fab Lab

2/2/2022: Create Vacuum Formed Chocolates at the Fab Lab

12/9/2021: Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab Lab gains grant to expand student instructor program

12/8/2021: Student volunteers help plant 'microforest'

11/19/2021: Grant Awarded to Expand Fab Lab Student Instructor Program

11/4/2021: Microforest Created by Students, Veterans, and Civic Organizations Ready for Planting at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club

11/3/2021: Volunteers To Plant Microforest Needed Saturday At Golf Club

11/2/2021: Microforest Created by Students, Veterans and Civic Organizations Ready for Planting

11/2/2021: Students and veterans to plant microforest at Stoneybrook County Club


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